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Post by hmm00 on Wed Oct 31, 2007 10:03 pm

Post your characters here!

Well my main character in the Valkyrie is Hiyoshi-maru. Currently at 75/46. Full Support. Guild is Gate of Babylon, siege-active. If you need boosting, or help, PM me ingame.

^That's what my priest looks like. Or just imagine my avatar in a priest's attire. (The n00bness of teh sig)

My other characters are:
> Pending... - a battle merchant
> Konoe Daichi - finally a wizard currently at base lvl 57
> Ryukku - a thief (uber low level)
> Guld__II - an archer, future auto-blitzer

and that's about it for Valkyrie. Creating another character would kill me. Ha ha ha!


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