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Usergroup Request

Post by hmm00 on Wed Oct 17, 2007 6:14 am

Please use the following format:

Subject: Request #(the first request will be labled '#1', followed by '#2' and so on...)

Name of Group:
Purpose of Group:
Group Description:
Group Color: (use haxadecimal code)
Group Status: (Hidden, Closed, Opened)
PM Permission: (group messaging: members, groups, moderator, admin)
Comments: (may be left blank)
Additional Information:

Smoking is Bad NOTE: Whoever posts the request shall be deemed moderator of the group by default, if the request is immediately approved. Otherwise, the decision will be based on the discussion of the request.
Smoking is Bad NOTE: The requests may not be immediately recognized, depending on the activity of the administrators and/or moderators.
Smoking is Bad NOTE: Usergroups will be deleted if the group(as a whole/majority) is caught breaking the rules and regulations. This is to emphasize the responsibility of the group moderator.
Smoking is Bad NOTE: This emoticon(Smoking is Bad ) is so cute! But please do not smoke!


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